Brand new way to start a SA Family tree search online!

There is a growing number of all fresh online directories which can now bring revolutionary changes for all those who want to find out more about their ancestry with the help of the internet.

Brief overview of South Africa’s ethnic diversity

There are few countries which have such a rich colonial history and an already diverse range of African tribes including the large number of Asians whose ancestors were brought in from the Indian subcontinent and Malaysia back in the day as slaves. That’s why it’s no wonder that there is a larger number of people in South Africa who would like to find out more on family lineage.

Most of the current „white” South Africans are descendants of families moving in the country from Europe. The main countries of discordance include: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (for obvious reasons), France, Germany, Greece and Eastern Europe. It is generally easier for white Caucasians as their families already have a pretty good idea on where their ancestors came from.

The trickiest situation is the situation of those who are so-called „ colored” or mixed race. Remember South Africa has over 11 national language for a good reason. Back in the day the closest you could get is to ask around in your family or target the statistical bureau of your birthplace for more information on identity verification SA.

Can I find my family tree all online?

Yes, you have the best chance ever with the latest high powered online identity verification pages, online South African Family tree pages and South African Family Tree Finders especially one called the Maseti Files.

Armed with extra advanced search technology and millions of data files uploaded, directories like Maseti Files are very easy to use: enter the full or partial names and surnames and preferably a year of birth. Remember the information you get is vague, especially if the name of your relatives is a more commonly used one. In that case, you should turn to multiple resources to narrow your search.

  • Start a South Africa company lookup with the help of these super advanced South African directories and they will tell you all, even if it’s about one of the below data you are looking for.
  • Baptism records
  • Death notices South Africa
  • Death person ID number
  • Marriage records
  • South Africa death statistics
  • If you are of African discordancy it’s wise to know which tribe your ancestors come from. The main tribes of South Africa include the Sotho Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, and Nguni. According to this information it might be easier to look for your family tree.

I hope this information was helpful to all who would like to get started with an SA family Tree project. Check out these brand new directories and stay determined.

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