Value Propositions For Video Advertising

Bridging TV & Digital Video Analytics for Real-Time Dynamic Data-Driven Contextual Targeted Insertions & Facilitating Programmatic Marketplaces in TV!

Technologies provide the TRANSPARENCY & ACTIONABILITY needed to create a closed loop measurable yet dynamic cross-platform video marketing ecosystem Content Distributors and Owners (Sellers) can provide more valuable targeting, dynamic ad-insertions on open inventory achieving a ne premium for each sale and Agencies/Brands/Marketers (Buyers) now can adjust on the fly based on real-time video verified data realizing increased ROI via AUTOMATION & SYNCHRONIZATION of DYNAMIC HYPER-TARGETED cross-platform video advertising.

Synchronize & Measure Cross-Platform Video Marketing

Synchronize cross-platform TV via IP conversion to cross-channel marketing mediums and social media using data from the largest spending & reaching channel of marketing — TV. Whether you are running a TV campaign or not, synchronize any type of marketing buy against competitor campaign’s in real-time with actionable competitor intelligence and data-driven decision support to target the same audiences & deliver on the fly promotions for new revenue generation!

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