Introducing ManagementOS:

I have been working for more than 12 years in change awareness for many CAC 40 French companies. After 2008 crisis, lots of my clients want me to imagine seminars helping their collaborators to see and imagine how they could do their usual work differently.

Then, there was the introduction of innovation mindset inside the organization, asking for creativity at every level of the company. In order to develop those innovative organizations, CEO wanted to develop a real collaborative way of working based on the millennial natural habits of doing so. It was a true revolution as for previous generations it raised questions of power, acknowledgement and some complexity to work with people you don’t know really. Result : a high inflation of mails in top managers mailbox to emphasize the fact that every team member was working in a collaborative manner.

And then came the ultimate tool for collaborative work : Yammer.

It was mainly pushed by IT and as it was owned by Microsoft, they felt confident with it. As many Microsoft tools, it has every thing you need to work properly, but it’s not user centric and most collaborators use it the same way they use Excell: fulfilling the blank.

As I am currently meeting lots of startups, I ask them if they use Yammer (just for fun in fact). Most of the people I met didn’t know the app at all. What are they using? Slack!

So I wanted to explore this app deeply and I discover that more than a collaborative app it introduces what I call a ManagementOS. They are so many apps or bots that could work on that platform that it offers really more that simply updating project management.

You could have an icebreaker app to help team members to know better each other while being not in the same office. You can have an app gathering all team ideas or team major working content and pushes them back to them when it is relevant for them (even if the idea was posted months ago). You can have also a bot that give relevant suggestions to increase your customer relationship based on what has been done before by team members as well as based on all data gathered by the team on this customer (since when is he a company client, has he had problems with our product or service, what is his business strategy and results, …). And so on…

Yammer is only a tool to help people working together, Slack is more than a working together platform, it’s about digital management where you can find and use all inputs, insights and funny moments that are necessary for a team to successfully implement and run the company strategy.

New role of top managers? Coding Slack platform with the appropriate apps and bots.

It’s no longer a transformation, we begin to live in a new way of managing teams and work.