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We understand that making a color palette can be an overwhelming task, so we provided some color theory basics below to help you get started.

Cool colors

Cool colors are blues and greens and everything in-between. They have a calming effect and embody comfort and nurturing so they are good in meditation. They work well in bedrooms, master bathrooms, and reading rooms.

Warm colors

Examples of warm colors include orange, red, and yellow. These colors have a stimulating effect where they boost individuals’ spirit and get them interacting with each other. They are ideal in the social rooms of your house, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchens where people are usually socializing, eating and drinking.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors include hues like beige, black, gray, ivory, taupe and white. Neutral means without color, but these hues sometimes have faint undertones of blue, gold, peach, pink, tan and yellow.

The value of neutral colors is sometimes unappreciated. They have a touch of sophistication and jollity, and they are soothing to the eyes. They work nicely on living areas, meeting rooms, and offices.

Depth and perception

Colors can be used to alter the look of space. Dark colors can reach out to you. They can make the rooms feel comfortable and the ceilings appear lower. Light and cool colors can also make the rooms seem more spacious.


Monochromatic color schemes are created from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Choose this color scheme if you want a real sense of coordination. These are great in bathrooms, nurseries, and themed rooms.

Other considerations

Be sure that the colors you choose compliment your current decorations and furnishings. Take into consideration the amount of light an area will receive, since they can alter the value of color. Light can make paint appear brighter or darker.

Strive to develop a unified color palette. Variety is considered the spice of life, but too much variety may cause disorder and inconsistency.


The basics

The finish is usually the unnoticed element of paint. Paint’s gloss affects how reflective and strong it is.

Matte finishes (flat finishes) reflect little or no light. They scuff and stain easily and don’t hold up well to moisture or cleaning, making them the least durable. The benefit of matte finishes is that it hides surface flaws.

Gloss finishes is more reflective and highlights surface flaws. Their advantage over matte finishes is that they are more durable and washable. In many cases, a slight sheen can add a sense of depth to a surface.

Different types of finish

The majority of paints are not completely flat or completely glossy since they come in multiple levels of gloss. Various brands offer different finishes, and most of them are derived from one of the four categories below. They are listed from least to most glossy.


Matte or flat finishes are the least glossy of all finishes. Their surface is porous and non-reflective. They are good at covering existing colors and concealing surface flaws because their appearance is smooth and dull. They are also prone to stains, scuff marks, and moisture damage because of their porous surface. They don’t hold up well to cleaning or scrubbing products.

Matte finishes are commonly used on ceilings, closets, and walls in low traffic rooms.

Alfa One Corporation do not recommend matte/flat finishes for bathrooms, high traffic areas, kid’s rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or on trim around doors and windows.


Eggshell finishes are probably the most widely used finish. They are more durable and resistant to scrubbing because they have a touch of sheen. They add a sense of depth to surfaces due to their slightly glossy appearance.

Eggshell and the slightly glossier satin finish are suitable for virtually interior walls, since they are considered well-rounded finishes offering durability without excessive sheen. High traffic areas which require more frequent cleaning such as bathrooms, kitchens, trim, or kid’s room often makes use of the glossier satin finish.

Keep in mind to use a glossier finish for high traffic areas or areas that will be subjected to recurrent cleaning.


Satin finishes are also widely used just like the eggshell because of their durability and moderate glossy appearance. However, satin are glossier and more durable than eggshell. When you’re comparing brands, you’ll find that the eggshell of one brand offers virtually the same gloss as the satin from another.

Satin finishes are also commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, kid’s rooms, and on trim.

Satin is suitable for most applications just like the eggshell, but some may choose the less glossy eggshell for interior walls, or the glossier or semi-gloss for high traffic areas or trim.


Semi-gloss finishes provide a lot more durability and more gloss than matte, eggshell, and satin finishes. They are usually considered to be too glossy for general application and are reserved for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other high traffic areas.

Semi-gloss paints are especially used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, trim or other areas which have heavy traffic, exposure to moisture, or require frequent cleaning.

Semi-gloss is usually considered too glossy for use other than on trim, kitchens, and bathrooms. Excessive gloss shows surface flaws and can give the walls an uneven color appearance.


Apparently, gloss finishes is the least used of all finishes. They are rarely utilized in interior painting that many brands don’t even carry interior gloss paint. They are very durable and stain resistant, and they will dry to an almost laminate look.

Gloss finishes are generally used for cabinets or trim, and they are not used for interior walls.

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