Modern Office Lobby Kiosk Installation

At iDesign we value our relationship with our clients and make it our goal to help them make the most of their interactive experience. This process begins by asking the right questions on a sales call and consulting them on the options available to meet their goals; to going to their place of business to help them set up a new machine in order to fine tune the touch specifications to their liking. Below are some photos we took from an installation at one of our clients office buildings in Camarillo, California.

The client purchased one of our holographic glass kiosks to run an interactive presentation in their lobby. We went to their location to help them reallocate the memory in their machine to run their software faster, and show them how to fine tune the touch calibration so that it works as accurately as they require.

The holographic glass kiosks (See Product Here) use an advanced capacitive touch foil technology that is laminated into the glass with another tinted film that acts as a screen for the projection. The touch sensitivity threshold can be calibrated to sense motion or direct contact from the users body heat coming from their hands and fingers. Once we tuned the machine and showed our client how the process works, they were more comfortable with the kiosk, which made them even more happy with their purchase. Not to mention that the kiosk looks fantastic in the main entrance of their company.

Interactive Design Cafe is dedicated to creating new and exciting multi-touch technology that serve a wide variety of commercial markets. By combining both advanced software with high performance multi-touch hardware, our solutions provide the most engaging user experience for your brand.

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