RFID Experience in Retail

Technology is transforming the consumer experience, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. As the retail landscape gets faster, smarter, and more competitive–and with today’s consumers being more informed, empowered, and demanding–it’s critical that brands differentiate themselves to drive brand loyalty. That means creating customer experiences that go well beyond what is expected, and that starts with RFID.

Burberry RFID in London

Brands are using RFID to offer new in-store experiences to customers. At the Burberry flagship store in London, RFID tags in clothing activate changing room mirrors when customers try a garment. The mirrors show a video about the making of the piece and its time on the catwalk.

Similarly, Rebecca Minkoff uses fitting room recognition in order to pull up suggested items and alternative colors and sizes on its smart mirrors.

Rebecca Minkoff RFID Interactive Fitting Room

These gimmicky use-cases can also provide valuable information. Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, said the brand closely monitors what’s being taken into the fitting room and failing to convert in order to make changes to its product line. If an item is sold, that information is stored in a customer’s profile. Rebecca Minkoff can then make suggestions to customers based on items they’ve purchased and — importantly — haven’t returned.

“When we know what’s moving in and out of the fitting room, that informs our design team,” said Uri Minkoff. “We’ve had conversations based on what did and didn’t convert, and then our design studio makes decisions based on this. It has revolutionized our whole business. The stylist has a glimpse into what the customer wants, without guessing.”

Shopper Benefits:

  • View item details, like content, country of origin, and available colors
  • Request different sizes and matching accessories
  • View style recommendations
  • Request help from a store associate
  • Select various lighting themes, and a variety of other features

Retailer Benefits:

  • Measure the volume and duration of fitting room sessions
  • Track SKU velocity and conversation rates
  • Track shopper interactions and associate response times to address inefficiencies
  • Create seamless onmichannel experiences
  • Communicate with international shoppers

The Nike Bootroom

An 65’’ interactive surface with multi-touch facilitates employees and enables customers on their continued journey. Nike products are comparable with real-time availability for size and color, detected by the ERP system. This installation is comprised of product videos, league statistics and comparable shoe data. Product detection is informed through RFiD technology paried with 3D-cameras, supporting user interaction and positioning.

Today’s shoppers are more informed, empowered, and demanding than ever before, so it’s critical brands and retailers distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace to engage consumers, build loyalty, and increase sales. Through advanced research and testing, Interactive Design Cafe provides the latest innovations to enhance consumer experiences and improve visibility across all channels.

Interactive Design Cafe is a global leader respected for innovation and reliability. We offer an extensive range of customer experience technologies multitouch tables, touchscreen kiosks, digital signage, magic mirrors, holograms, RFID, beacons, and the Internet of Things. These technologies make businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. iDesign’s products and solutions are used around the world by industries including healthcare, retail, advertising, hospitality, transportation and banking to create more engaging experiences that more and more people expect in customer interactions.

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