Design with Gretchen — Patterns ft. DOWNLOADABLE SUMMER WALLPAPER

You don’t have to be a designer to be familiar with the wonderful world of patterns. Patterns can amplify any design and can be used for home wallpapers, screen savers for your computer, backgrounds for your phone, as well as a part of any company branding. This month, we decided to have our own graphic and front end designer, Gretchen, create a summer celebration pattern for you to download while we discuss how you can use patterns to take your design to the next level.

You may already know, but there are 10 elements that designers refer to when creating their work and pattern is actually one of them.

Patterns use both planned and random repetition to create unique surfaces and artwork. You can use patterns for a variety of things, including your branding! They can bring a certain level of sophistication to any social, print, or marketing materials. While sophistication sounds nice, we feel like a successful and appealing pattern is best achieved with the combination of both balance and color.

Color is used to create cohesion within the image.

Choosing the wrong color combinations can make your pattern look messy or muddled. You want to pick a combination of colors that either contrast from one another, such as blue and orange, or work together, such as shades of blue and green. With the right set of colors, you ensure your pattern is pleasing to the eye and ultimately achieves that visual experience you want to give to your viewer.

Balance is instrumental for your pattern because if your design is too close together or too far apart, the design will seem too heavy or too spaced out.

To achieve balance, it is important to think of your design in multiple sizes. How will this look on something small such as a phone? How will it look on someone’s bedroom wall? These are important questions that will ultimately help you to achieve the balance your design needs to be a successful pattern.

To show you the variety you can achieve with patterns, we’ve included 2 downloadable backgrounds for you to use.

For our first design, we went for a delicious array of summer inspired food with a cartoon feel and the second design features desert vibes with a combo of cacti, tacos, and snakes.

We chose a calming and inviting color scheme with an ode to our IDG colors — shades of blue, orange, and grey. We chose a darker grey as a background to make the colors pop and spaced it just enough to show its repetition without being overwhelming.

We hope you have enjoyed our breakdown of pattern and are inspired to create one of your own! Feel free to download the desktop and phone background by clicking the links below and make sure to tag us in your photos on social media if you sport it for yourself.

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