The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Business

We often hear the question — What are the best social platforms for my business? Well…there’s not really a specific answer for this question because the best platform for your business depends on your demographic and target market!

While percentages of every demographic lie on every platform, majorities from certain groups can more often be found on certain ones. For example, if you’re selling life insurance to people in their 60’s, you’re not likely to gain a ton of traction from Twitter as only 10% of 65+ adults use Twitter. You might, however, be able to gain some from Facebook because 56% of 65+ adults are active there. See the difference?

Before we start excluding anything, let’s talk about the one platform that should be on your radar no matter what — Facebook. With 1.44 billion active monthly users and a diverse age demographic, you are going to reach new audiences no matter who your target market is. Facebook is the social media market leader and allows for wide arrays of connection capabilities such as advertising and video integration. We’d say that if you could only choose one, DEFINITELY choose Facebook.

Now, let’s talk tweeting. Twitter is one of the most fast paced social platforms available and is mostly navigated by a younger demographic. As a business, now is a great time to get involved with Twitter because of new customer support integrations, making it much easier to interact with potential customers. If you have products or services targeted towards college students, Twitter is also a huge asset for you since the college crowd is hugely active on Twitter. If you feel your business can thrive amongst the younger generations, new audiences are definitely waiting for your tweets.

Over 60 million photos are shared everyday on Instagram so if you sell products or a lifestyle, Instagram may be the platform for you. They have taken over both Twitter and Facebook when it comes to young users. 53% of 18–29 year olds are active and exposed to your products. With the recent integrations of business pages, analytics, and advertising, Instagram has become a huge asset for any product or service that is best promoted through visuals.

If you have products or services geared towards women, it would be a great idea to get involved in Pinterest. With an over 42% female audience, you are guaranteed to make new connections with women everywhere. There are so many success stories when it comes to small and big businesses everywhere through Pinterest for Business which makes it a huge asset to building new relationships.

Want to increase your SEO potential without having to try EXTRA hard? Google+ is a great tool for you. If people search you on Google, it gives them the option to follow you on Google+ as well. Similarly, if they are already following you, you will show up higher in the results. It’s the perfect way to gain exposure on Google without going into depth. If you need any other reasons to be involved, even Starbucks uses Google+ and they’re one of the biggest brands when it comes to coffee.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Snapchat. Snapchat is the baby of the social media scene, but it is in no way acting like it. With around 400 million snaps being sent out each day, it would be ridiculous to say it’s not popular. However, when it comes to business, Snapchat is hit or miss. If you’re always doing something such as events, photoshoots, meet and greets, etc. your Snapchat can thrive. If you just have a normal day to day office environment, it may be not as successful.

Hopefully this rundown has given you some perspective on the social media platforms and how they can be beneficial depending on your target markets or business goals. Over saturating is never as powerful as directed, meaningful content so we encourage careful thought when it comes to choosing where to share. If you want a further professional opinion, feel free to contact us here at IDG and we would be happy to expand your social presence.