Diamond Digger Tips and Cheats

This article is about a colorful, funny, fantastic game designed by a leading entertainment company called King. This amazing game, Diamond Digger Saga, impressed a lot of different people.

It was set a going in 2014 and has already scored more than 10 000 000 of downloads. You can also play it on your facebook account. If you have an ipad, android or iphone you can use them too.

Diamond Digger Saga is a good opportunity to fill in time for people of all ages. It has more than 300 incredible and very interesting levels, bright field. Generally speaking, the task is to find a group of diamonds with the same color and then clear them away through 410 levels.

Further on we would like to give you some general Diamond Digger Saga tips for a successful playing, just in two words. During the whole game don’t forget about your objectives because you will need to collect toys and fireflies. Also you should remember you will need to get boosters. They can clear a path away just in two or one moves. Be careful before using them. Boosters or power-ups consist of different types with their own functions and effects. For example, activable boosters (Magic orb boosters) include dynamites which help you to destroy any square or line boosters which can blast in all directions. There are many things concerning types and elements in the game that’s why it is better to refer to Diamond Digger Saga cheats.

We are sure that in the process of the whole game you will need more Diamond Digger Saga solutions. How can you increase your score? In this way we should say that treasures are the matter of no little interest. You always should find and collect treasures because they will help you to achieve a great deal in the game.

Surely you know that there are also easy, considerably easy, hard levels and etc. Thanks to many fan sites, chat forums, you can easily find out a various number of Diamond Digger Saga tips or hints which include videos and episodes of all levels. For one thing, in the Level 89, you should think over your every step because of your limited lives. It is important to use quickly your booster in a good moment and match diamonds not only on the water but on the sand because it will allow you to increase your points faster.

Diamond Digger Saga is full of different elements; it includes blocks, locks, totems and etc. Totems appear in the hard types of levels. They consist of 2 types: stone and golden totems. The player will need to destroy totems taking off blocks. The details of such levels you can find on http://diamonddiggerlevel.com/.

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