Because of Winter

16 years of life on this earth seems like shortest and longest amount of time ever. I’ve grown up with my parents, and sister with me my whole life. These 16 years of my life I’m grown up so much from a little toddler, with not a care in the world, to a teenager, who overthinks everything. I’ve been surrounded with love and kindness from the ones that matter most. I spent my summer nights feeling so alive, and free, doing everything I’ve ever wanted to try with the company of my best friends. Adventure in life makes it worth living.

This song matters to me because it’s such a soft song, that makes you think about life, and it’s just a good song to vibe too.

I have loved Justin since I was in elementary school, his music is actually really soothing. His music makes me feel so many emotions.

Jeffree Star inspires me because he started from the bottom, and became a success by himself. With his music career, and his multi million dollar high-end makeup line.

Wiz Khalifa is a chill guy, who lives life how he wants and has a very positive view on life.

I dream of one day being able to take my kids to Disney, because it truly is a magical place.

at 9:00 pm I was sitting in my room taking pictures.

America the Free

Camp Awana ‘14

Life in America is beautiful, you take for granted how breathe-taking our country really is.

My life is fast moving, things happen everyday. I’m allowed still allowed to be be free to do what I choose, and I don’t have to follow the fast pace of everyone else.

I’m allowed to go out and do whatever I want, within reason. I’m allowed to look the way I want, and be friends with who I want. I have no restrictions on my personal beliefs or choices by anyone but myself.