A cat friendly household management app


Feed the Cat? is a mobile app concept helping household members to follow up on tasks around the house by notifying each other quickly and easily.

The project timeline was one week for the paper prototype and one week for the hi-fi prototype making it a two-week project in total.

As my first project at General Assembly, this project allowed me to explore many UX techniques in a short time. I conducted user interviews, created concept maps, user flows, wire flows, wireframes, a paper prototype, a clickable high fidelity prototype, and a project presentation.

Context and Challenge

For this project, I worked with…

Designing actionable insights for recurring payments


As part of the 3-week client project at General Assembly, my team and I worked with Bean, a personal finance management tool that provides awareness and actionable insight for recurring payments.

We were tasked with improving the existing Bean platform for the target demographic, increasing their engagement and helping them to optimise their spending. To achieve these, we worked on three main areas for improvement:

  • Designing a secure and trustworthy experience
  • Presenting recurring payment data that is useful to the user
  • Presenting actionable insights to help users save money

Our client was happy with the outcome and is now integrating…

İdil Ünal

UX Designer

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