Let`s do the business with Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Dinesh Krishnan
Jul 11, 2019 · 5 min read
Robot and Human handshake

Everyone is super excited with AI(Artificial Intelligence), for technoholics that only the Sensation. No doubt in it that will be the next big thing.

Dudes here I am portraying some glimpse of probable wonders that AI can capable of..!

In the pathology department, the latest way of cancer detection is in progress, a tablet inserted into the mouth. That tablet developing as a thin layered net inside the body and it pulled off. then radioisotope treatment begins. Just imagine if a machine can detect the exact dimensions and accurate location of the cancer cell means isn’t it a boon?

Robotic capsule

While traveling in a car, if it announcing that your radiator battery is about to be changed along with engine oil means, how cool it will be!

Day to day lot of breaking news about avian misplacing or met into accidents, if a superior program can track the entire path more accurately and automatically acts proactively means gosh! It can tremendously support all transport systems with advanced sensors and signaling ability. Hence our upcoming days will be more rapid as well as secured.

Soil tests are not that much upgraded, till now so set of assumptions and probabilities only in practice that helps the farmers and increasing yield to some extent. Even it can judge the minerals and water layers even more clearly, who knows it may find an alternative to current types of gasoline.

If it analyzed thoroughly and provides the accurate result means our entire ecology will be benefitted.

Photo by Joao Marcelo Marques on Unsplash

Similarly, it helps a lot in construction with the right stuff to suggest the dimensions and deviations. So engineering marvel can be done easily.

Smart classrooms and virtual learning are most common to elementary students too, but it can be raised into several dimensions and verticals. Who knows the humanoid version of “Thomas Edison” may teach electrical circuit in his voice.

Research and development involve a lot of chemicals, microbes, radiations and dangerous gases due to those humans are involving a lot of side effects in spite of following all standards and procedures. AI can reduce the damage as well as able to deliver excellent results.

AI in Lab technology

Data security is another threat but it can manage it with the intellectual design and decision-making capability, It is also very helpful to reach interested and potential buyers.

In every field selling or marketing brings benjamins so it will be constant. Conquering the customer is becoming very complex today due to inadequate as well as inaccurate data. So reaching the potential customer becoming a huge challenge.

Most of the time wrong products also pitched due to such data errors. AI can be much helpful in giving accurate data and analysis it can highly helpful to reach the targeted audience. Apart from data and target, the organized crime in the industries like Insurance and BFSI are increased day by day.

We can see a lot of forgeries happening in nominal savings bank accounts to fire insurance claims. AI can identify such defaulters in the beginning stage itself and prevent the losses and fake claims.

In simple words, it can entirely change the game of marketing/branding upside down.

Even AI can helpful in capturing more accurate images like portraits, engine chassis number, entire building view even with the help of upgraded drones and other objects. Which can reduce human time and effort It can be an active and effective investigator.

Now it with web camera images, thumb impression linked with a unique identification number is to open an instant account in a bank.

Even we can scan and upload the needy documents with the help of deeply learned machines Virtual agents will help to do such things, they may capture eye retina or even skin pores according to the situation.

Gaming, publishing, food processing, statics, archeology, space, from pin to the pistol, drill to discovery. Every field is going to be adopted by AI. Irrespective of fields it is capable of doing wonders.

With above-mentioned benefits, we may have a lot of fringe benefits. But we have to understand a simple thing about AI having three layers.

  1. Machine learning.
  2. Deep learning.
  3. Experiencing and decision making.

Like our human brain, AI also constructed with various neurons.

Artificial Intelligence — AI Brain

Now itself so many latest mobile phones, Apps are claiming we having AI. Voice recognizer, navigators, and search preferences are working as per our data inputs. That cannot be considered as AI. But it is the beginning of the deep sea.

If a phone started ejecting the decayed battery automatically considered as the AI, but that too not the complete stage of AI.

There are so many concepts, algorithms, and theories about machine learning and deep learning.

Antsy of misconceptions and exaggeration also roaming around us from day today As of now, we are exciting like parents of small KG class kid which can reproduce the rhyme taught in school.

But remember today’s kids are too quick to grasp and grow.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

OMG! Did you come till here? Thank you! I really appreciate your patience.

By the way, I am Dinesh Krishnan and I am a Software Developer and Technology Consultant. Please feel free to reach me at idineshkrishnan@gmail.com.


Dinesh Krishnan

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