Modern world speens fast. So when the weekend approaches, ‘family time’ takes him by the arm and the two of them crash my anxiety and papers filled room to take me to enjoy my parents.

And nothing screams ‘family time’ at my house more than the ritual ‘Sunday Lunch’, a moment when the four of us gather to the table to eat and talk.

Read: They talk, I try to fit in sharing something I like just to be object of laughs or ‘ew’s.But, ehi, we’ll keep trying.

Today the main topic is a party my brother has been to last night, his best friend’s 18th birthday to be specific.

‘Did you take any photos to show me?’

‘Mum, they’ve done a pretty good job on their own. Facebook is filled of their strange poses in each spot of the venue. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.’

Staring at the ziti in my plate, I have a slight flashback to a pic I’ve seen this morning in one of my breaks: one of the girls invited to the celebration in a very succint and revealing dress. ‘Here’s your chance to be part of the conversation!’ A little lightbuble appears in my cerebrum.

‘I’ve seen *name of the girl* sporting a dress I think wasn’t really appropriate for a 18 years old girl.’

‘Sweetheart, why do you say that?’ My mum asks.

‘Do you remember Irina Shayk’s dress at 2015 Oscars?’

Yes, I’m one of those people

My mother looks at me like I’ve just talked in a alien language.

So I proceed with a quick description of Irina’s and the girl’s dress.

‘Maybe, it was a little too much.’


Moving on, the lunch proceeds. I enjoy my food filled with pure pride and joy for the before mentioned moment and then return to my room.

‘Just a quick glance on the internet and then back to work.’ The promise.

The photo appears again.

Side note: Please, Mark, do something about that algorithm.

So I proudly stand up from the bed to show it to my mother to feel again that adrenaline rush approval-induced.

But dreams sometimes are made to be crushed.

‘It’s not that bad as you said it was.’ She tilted her head.


Dear world, what did I- … Never mind. I got it.

I feel my heart cracking, my hopes falling to the ground, my happiness being washed out. All those feelings, POOF, gone.

Well, it has been good while it lasted.



You can’t give up like that.

Think, Ines.


All of a sudden… EUREKA.

My mother is still zooming in and out to catch each detail of the dress.

‘If it isn’t that bad, I can buy it for next weekend party.’

I see her stiffen up and slightly moving in her chair.


‘Do not even think about it.’ She says turning towards me.

‘So you agree with me it was too much.’ A sheepish smile on my face.

‘Take this and go back to study anatomy.’ She hands me back the phone cracking a smile.

‘As you wish.’ I laughed on my way back.

Yep, I do love her very much.