Everybody starts somewhere. Every year, young designers, fresh out of school, enter the world of professional design; A landscape that is vast and fluid, unfailingly vague and fraught with existential dilemmas, as is the permanent nature of every designer’s journey. As our freshest designers venture out of the academic vestibule and take their first steps, we ask them about how their journeys have unfolded so far…

Meet Nandini,

I joined Idiom in January 2018. I am a mountain lover, an avid Murakami reader and I enjoy conversations at any time of the day. I work as a junior designer as…

An interview with Jacob Mathew, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd.

How has design and its role evolved over time in the industry? If you had to put it in a nutshell, 30 or so years since you started out, how would you say that the role has changed or evolved?

I think when I started off, it was really about how design could add value to what business does. In fact, in 1985, when we started Tesseract, we defined our purpose, mission, vision — the focus was on adding value by design. Whatever a business was doing, we could make it better through design.

Approximately five or six years later, we found that not only were we adding value, but we were ensuring business success if design was a part of the mix. This realisation happened…

Aren’t honest open conversations just the best thing ever? They have the ability to open a new window in one’s brain and inspire to reflect and see things in fresh unpredictable ways. And if such a conversation is with your consumer, then you literally have been handed a magic key, the key to their minds! Unfortunately not many consumer conversations (or consumer research as it’s called) are that satisfying or engaging for either side, leading to predictable boring reports, just to be used as crutches for impending marketing decisions — “…because the research said so!”

As someone who loves consumer…

We have often witnessed clients who come forward for ‘branding’ their product or organisation. For most people among them, we share details of what the exercise entails, the purpose, benefits, scope of the exercise and commercials associated. The most prompt response is “I just want a logo”. The operative word being “just”.

Admit it, for first-timers and newbies, that is what it is.

For the people and organisations uninitiated to this world, branding is “just” a logo.

While it’s frustrating for people who know otherwise, we’d still say it’s a good start.

If someone hasn’t come home for a meal…

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