Mad Max- Fury Road

Just go watch this movie. If you haven’t seen this already, why are you here? Why are you not watching Mad Max- Fury Road? This movie raised the same kind of emotion in me that John Wick did. I fell in love with it and it made me smile and laugh and raise my hands and squeal with delight. It reminded me why I love action movies.

Over the last few years, I’ve hated a majority of Action movies released and the reason is extremely simple if you look at some of the drivel made over the couple of years. You can’t see anything happening in the bloody movie! Don’t get me wrong, Shaky cam can be great if used well but it rarely is. For ever Saving Private Ryan, there are 10 Transformers. Literally! How many Transformer movies are there now? A couple too many for sure.

Either way, that’s why when movies like Mad Max come out, people are astounded. And they should be. Mad Max is an exceptional movie. In terms of fun, it’s easily the best movie I’ve seen this year and it’s no slouch when it comes to the technical aspects either. The movie jumps into the action as soon as it starts. And it doesn’t let up. I’ll go so far as to say it’s the best chase movie ever made. I’ll stop babbling and get to the movie.

Some of the shots in this movie will blow your mind. Nay… Most of the shots in this movie will blow your mind. Everything from the colours to the framing to the movement is damn near perfect in every single scene in this movie. And it’s not like the Director did anything way out of the ordinary or pushed the envelope of anything like that. The Director just followed simple film making rules and sure, he did them better than most people would, but this begs the question, why can’t other directors do the same? Why is it so difficult to stick to the basics and make a good movie? Why would you try and go out of your way to do something different if it’s going to suck. Sure, go ahead and do something original if you’re confident about it and know it’s going to work. But no one ever saw Transformers and said, “That is how action is supposed to be filmed.” Movies like Mad Max, John Wick, The Raid and Pacific Rim just focus on showing whats happening on screen and isn’t that the simplest thing a Director can do? Let the action play out and let the audience see what’s happening.

The movie was so much fun, I didn’t really focus on the editing but it was good enough to stay out of the way and I’m sure a second viewing will prove it was pretty great as well. The soundtrack was exceptional and there’s nothing better than that kind of Rock to really get you pumped up and excited for a Mad Max movie. The one thing I want to spend a little time on is the world design. Absolutely perfect. When I first saw the trailer for Mad Max, I was a little worried because why would cars in a post-apocalyptic future be so clean and well, blingy. The movie does a great job making sure it doesn’t stand out and explains it well by showing the characters pride in their vehicles. This is all they have left, you better be damn sure they’re going to take good care of it. All the characters are wonderfully designed and you know who’s who in one glance and you never wonder who’s fighting on which side. It’s rare with so many characters and ‘armies’ in one movie and they didn’t have the benefit of having multiple species a la Hobbit and the Battle of the five armies.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the story because it’s serviceable and it really didn’t stand out to me. The one negative I saw in the movie is it got a little heavy handed with it’s message right before the final act of the movie and even though it doesn’t detract from the movie all that much, it’s still a slight criticism.

Finally, the protagonists. The hero of this movie isn’t Max. It’s Furiosa. Mad Max just seems to fall into the situation. Furiosa starts it. Furiosa is the entire reason behind the story of this movie and my god, if the world needed a strong independent woman character, it sure got one in Furiosa. I really don’t want to spoil much so I’m not giving too much away but all I can say is go watch this movie. Give it all your money so more people start making movies like this. I don’t want to be worried every time I go see an action movie that I’m going to hate it. I want movies like this to be the benchmark. And I’m hoping against hope that one day soon it will be.


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