The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To The Trump-Russia Investigation
Ahmed Baba

“propaganda campaigns designed to damage Hillary Clinton, chipping away at her support from both the far-left and far-right of the political spectrum.”

Hahahaha. Propaganda campaigns damaged Clinton. Is that what happened in 2008 as well? Or how polls showed the better informed voters were about Clinton’s voting record and policy positions the less they liked her? Or how polls showed in the primaries Clinton was tied w Trump while Sanders beat him by 10+ points? Or how wikileaks revealed how the MSM kowtowed to Clinton & did her bidding? I guess were calling facts propaganda now.

Thanks for allowing our media to be usurped by billionaires, Bill. Or is the fact he pushed for and signed the 1996 Telecommunications act propaganda now too? Now 90% of our media is owned by 6 companies. Clinton foundation receives large amounts of donations yearly from those 6 companies. Just sayin’.

Where was all the propaganda outrage when Obama undid a 60 year old law that barred the US government from feeding US propaganda to it’s citizens in 2013? Also odd you decided to omit both those facts. Almost like your peddling propaganda for David Brock.

We’ve seen your ilk panicking in the past couple of weeks. Is that because the truth you’ve desperately tried to conceal is about to expose all of you for the shills that you are? The DNC hack never was a hack, but rather a leak, from inside the DNC. Your russiagate was a con job. Done to save the careers of Clinton, Podesta,& the DNC consultants. As they propped up a deeply flawed, disliked & untrusted candidate. They blew a billion dollars. They elevated Trump to make Hillary look less horrible. Our hack MSM media glossed over stories about the Clinton’s fundraising with countries and corporations that wanted to do business with the US. She was the establishment’s choice. Even with all that advantage she still lost. To an orange game show host. What a humiliating defeat for the DNC.

So instead you manufactured a lie to save yourselves. You profited from it. Maddow’s ratings went through the roof. A rich british tory with Murdoch ties made it rain with cash selling conspiracy theories to your voters. My God the way you took advantage of Clinton voters stupidity and exploited it. So fucking shameful.

Anyway my point is this. The DNC rigged the primary. Wikileaks published the truth, like they always do. You blamed Putin and put economic sanctions on Russia and Iran which only hurt the civilian population. All based on a lie.

I cannot wait. I think everyone whom participated in this fraud against US citizens and manufactured consent for a new cold war should be charged. At the very least never able to work in politics again. I love watching villains getting busted. It’s very satisfying.

Louse and her conspiracy theories go down!! So so sweet 😂😂😂