Camp Perrin: Haiti’s Best Kept Secret meets Hurricane Matthew

#CampPerrin, Haiti has always held a special place in my heart. The people are good and honest. There are fruit trees everywhere. I was always impatient to drive through there when I would be roaming the south in my FJ80 because there was always amazing fresh produce to buy. If you knew where to look, you could find the local wine and cheese. There are irrigation channels everywhere making it the most productive agriculture area, per square meter, in Haiti.

Camp Perrin is also self sufficient energy wise. There is a small local hydro electric plant which provides almost 24 hour electricity, or it used to anyway. Camp Perrin produces highly successful people. I used to be pretty good at guessing if someone was from Camp Perrin by the way they carried themselves. Its that kind of something that lives there. When I worked in #FinTech in Haiti, the highest throughput came from this little town in the mountains. That always blew me away. I still wonder what is in the water there. I always told people that if I ever disappeared, you would probably find me there.

One of the great people that Camp Perrin produced was Attorney Georgia Thomas of Miami, Florida. I’ve known her personally since my attorney days. She is raising money for Camp Perrin. Please visit her GoFundMe site at and donate and share the link. You can trust her.