Nobody date app guys

We met in a date app. First, of course, you never think anyone you meet in those things will be important somehow. But i sorta of knew since our first kiss he would be something more. Is not like it was a magical thing, but there’s something about shy boys who asks for a kiss instead of just kiss that just wins me. I didn’t noticed at the time, but since the first date I got myself think “that was nice. hope i could do that again”. Pretty normal, huh? Except I never felt like having a second date (not right after the first one) with anyone.

We used to saw each other like once a week, twice, with luck.


Why was I talking about luck? It’s an internet guy. An APP guy. Nobody date app guys.

So we are in our fourth week together, a.k.a, first month. I never remember dates, and usually don’t even care about it, but then i got the message “hey, i was thinking… we’ve seeing each other for a month now, congrats for putting up with me lol” as a terrible person to express any kind of emotion, all i could think of was “yep. i like you thought”. 15 seconds. It was how long he took to answer me “:):) i like u too”.

At this point I didn’t even know what was happening (i’m doing the same thing I do with every guy I have ever met, so why this is so much better??), I just knew i wanted to live it.

Two months together and I wasn’t even considering being with anyone else. Is not like I wanted him to be my boyfriend, but It seemed like a good ideia being exclusive. And get to know each other’s families. And do short period plans together. But you know, all casual…

The question was: how can I say that to him? I’ve never been on this side of the history. Will he break up with me like I did many times before with others? So I decided to do what I usually do when I have a problem: I sit and wait for the solution knocks on my door.

And she did. The most beautiful knock knock of my entire life came out of his mouth in the form of a simple question: “do you want to be my girlfriend?” He still bitch me for replying “that’s a interesting question” before saying yes. But it was an interesting question. It was an interesting feeling and It was (and is) an interesting relationship.

So yes, there are people who date app guys. If I don’t come back here to say it was a mistake, it’s because it‘s not that wrong.