Quick Review: 5 Awesome Email Marketing Platforms

To help you achieve your email marketing goals.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an email marketing platform. Our clients often approach us with questions on which email marketing platform would be best for them.

The answer? It all depends on how you will use the platform. There are plenty of options in a range of prices, so you need to be practical in what is the best fit for you or your organizational needs. But one fact remains true, choosing the right platform and mastering it can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is easy to use and intuitive. It automatically displays custom content for members in your lists to improve email engagement rates. It also integrates well with WordPress websites and provides extensive A/B testing features to help increase open rates.

Pricing for this platform varies depending on how many subscribers you have. It can cost up to $699 a month for 50,000 subscribers or more.

Constant Contact

Similar to Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact is easy to use, but it does not include as detailed and robust reporting and A/B testing. But, for a small business looking dip their toes in email marketing, Constant Contact is an affordable place to start, only $45 per month to fully customize your email marketing campaign.


Mailchimp offers great design capabilities and is mobile responsive. But, if you’re looking to switch to MailChimp from a different email platform, just know they do require an opt-in when adding new members to your email list. This means you could end up loosing some of your subscribers when you switch over.

MailChimp pricing is based on how many emails you send per month. Mailchimp does have a free sending option for under 2,000 subscribers.


If you’re serious about your email marketing, AWeber offers highly-targeted segmenting options based on IP addresses, specific links clicked and purchases. Excellent if you depend a lot on online purchases, when those type of targeting options are valuable. Bonus: you can easily integrate your current subscribers without having to have them opt-in.

AWeber pricing is based on more than 25,000 subscribers and can depend on the type of features you might need. How to buy? You have to get in contact with a representative for a personalized quote if you’re serious about moving forward. Typically, you can expect to pay $250 or more a month.


GetResponse provides exceptional tracking, analytics and A/B testing functionality. GetResponse provides customizable email templates and includes a mobile responsive design. Bringing your list over from another platform? Cool. GenResponse does not require an opt-in from your subscribers.

Pricing for 50,000 subscribers is $250 a month, but you don’t have to make a commitment right away; there is a 30 day trial available.

So which one is for you? It all depends on your email marketing strategy.

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