Oh I agree, there is no going back to a simpler time.
Jhagi Bhai

I don’t doubt that the incidents you describe occur in anecdote. But I sense you are catastrophizing for effect. There are pockets where PC culture has festered more places than others (higher education — and that’s where I work!), but free speech is still free speech. My wife busts my chops now and then and I hate it. But I still have free speech. I have no problem whatsoever in my bowling league (among other places) expressing how I feel.

If someone is fired for their political beliefs, it is crime that can be prosecuted. (I’d like to see legitimate documentation of this — sounds “fake news” to me). Women who shame other women for their choices are exceptions rather than the rule — and I dwelled among radical feminists for enough years to get the sense of what you mean. I believe it. But you’re exaggerating. The “housewife shaming” is so early 1980’s flavor of feminism.

The fall in birth rate is a complex study which includes far more influential things like macro-economic trends, student loan debt, housing market trends (coupled with tighter lending practices post-Recession), “extended adolescence”, and I’m sure plenty other factors before rape accusations, as you’ve describe, fit into the picture.

Spark one up and chill. The current political climate of “post-truth” and Trump’s cavalier and subversive approach to building his administration seem far more concerning, IMO, but to each his or her own.

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