It is impossible to overstate how far in the tank the media is for HRC or the lengths to which they…
Adam Wieneiski

This may have already been said but I’m too lazy to look any further than I have already.

You give The Media too much credit as an influencing figure in how people draw their conclusions one way or the other. We are not Bushmen like the character Xi in film“The Gods Must Be Crazy” where this information just falls from the sky and we believe it to be magical. Americans have been in the modern electronic media business since the 1920s.

We know bullshit when we see it, even if we fail to admit it to others. Only the lowest of the low think that anything they see or hear on TV or the Internet is actually true.

If anything, media serve our confirmation biases more so than anything else. We believe what fits into our personal world views. Media merely affirm it. Remember, we all have a choice in what to watch. Rarely do we watch what we don’t want to hear already.

Are we susceptible to propaganda? OK, I’ll say that we are, but not for long. There are too many self-correcting forces that balance against anything too extreme.

Lay off the media. They are just us in nice suits, nice hair, and with commercials in between.