While Dems Babbled About Russia, GOP Passed Trickle-Up Economics Tax Bill
Caitlin Johnstone

While Caitlin is hyperfocused on her social media feeds, I see a load of Democrats winning elections in Oklahoma and Virginia, and mobilizing here in New Hampshire to influence statewide policy.

And if The Hill is to be believed, looks like “Women are running for election in record numbers”. [ http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/358780-women-are-running-for-office-in-record-numbers ], presumably as Democrats to counteract the Trump movement.

I don’t know anybody in my Progressive circle of people who pay attention to Russiagate any more than just as a headline to glance at now and then. And what’s the point wasting time resisting the Republican majority in Congress when it will amount to nothing? Can you blame them?

And as another poster suggested, her work might get some decent responses (beyond just agreement) in Quora. She should try it out, sans the snark.

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