AWS Lambda life-cycle

Ido Senesh
Jan 25 · 2 min read

Small example to help understand the life cycle of variables in Lambda, and how I am using them myself.

import random
import time

pre = random.random()
def lambda_handler(event, context):
print(pre, post)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Copy this script into a new Lambda function, and let’s play around with it.


after running it several times you may notice that:

  • The main is never called when ran on Lambda - we may use it freely for local developement
  • The first run takes about 10 seconds to return results, while following runs takes less than a second - global variables are initialized once, when Lambda is initialized, and stay alive as long as the container running the lambda is alive
  • The output of consequent runs is something like this:
0.481645804584663 0.3031153358808475
0.481645804584663 0.3694771953834214
0.481645804584663 0.6688012907517211

which means that variables defined inside the handler are fresh, and have per-request lifetime

  • Changing environment variable (and actually anything that requires to “save” the new Lambda triggers creation of a fresh Lambda (this includes variables that are not used)

My conclusions:

  • Values that are dynamic, and should be changed upon request should be bound to environment variables or should be defined inside the handler scope (e.g. LogLevel, Dynamic threshold definitions etc.)
  • Values that are static or that are derived directly from environment variables could be defined globally
  • Heavy computations that are relatively dynamic, could be defined globally to prevent re-calculating them, but upon changing them, a “re-deploy” should be done
  • “Re-Deploys” could be easily done, by changing some environment variable in the Lambda definition
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