5 «Less-Touristy» places in Sicily

Having traveled the island far and wide, you come to the conclusion that Sicily is an island of tourists. But even here there are places that are not crowded with “mikimausas” (tourists on buses traveling in groups with guides), and visitors with maps in their hands.

Poggioreale Ghost Town

Destroyed in 1968 by an earthquake, the city was thrown by residents into ruin over time. Recently closed to tourists, guarded only by a gang of dogs, but to get there and see the ghost town is worth it! In this place you move to a Hollywood horror movie, with destroyed hospitals, churches, theaters and houses.


Sicilian dunes Marina di Modica

Part of the island where you want to enjoy the incredible sunsets. And also just relax on the beach without the noise of tourists and Vietnamese masseuses offering massage every 10 minutes.

Marina di Modica

Street Vucciria, Palermo

After 8 pm, the Vucciria shopping street, in the heart of Palermo, turns into a solid party for the locals. Progressive young people sipping beer, puffing on cigarettes of different content, are not very sociable with tourists, but at the same time it is easy to feel like a Sicilian partygoer on Vucciria street.

Vucciria, Palermo

Porticello town

At first glance, a small quiet town with a city beach seems unremarkable, but climbing up the cliffs towards the cross (look at the pics) offers an incredible view of the sea).


Via Penniello, Catania

The second largest city of Sicily — Catania, crowded with tourists and merchants of magnets and umbrellas. There are two restaurants on Via Pennielle that serve freshly caught fish and a bar that is popular with local youth.

Via Penniello, Catania


  • rent a car (but remember, a deposit of up to 1000 euros on the card is frozen);
  • always pay for parking (blue strips-paid, white-free);
  • learn a few Italian phrases ( English is spoken only in the main tourist areas);
  • if pizza margarita costs 4 euros in a restaurant, then you can eat cheap there;
  • if the tables are already served with dishes, immediately 10% of the bill will be removed as a tip.

pics by Mindaugas Gabrenas