The REAL reason why Warren Buffett bought Airline Stocks

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On February 14th we discovered that Warren Buffett bought a stake of the four major airlines worth $5.5B.

His position in airline stock is now worth almost $10B

I wondered myself:
what does he see that I don’t?
what does he see, that the market hasn’t seen in the last months/years?

Warren Buffett said “[Airline industry] is been a death trap for investors” in 2013.

What did make him change his mind?

Now it is clear.

It is not MAGA

It is not the oil prices

It is not big data

It is not the oligopoly
[read that, also, watch Thiel’s lesson at Stanford “competition is for losers” where he talks specifically about airlines market vs Google ->

It is the fact that Airlines have the highest tax rate in the S&P500

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And guess what the Donald is going to do to corporate taxes?

And guess who is going to benefit the most here?

Airline stocks may have a brighter future than expected.