Daily has gone open source

  1. Daily style guidelines and design is also going “open source” and will be publicly available soon. In the meantime we have our Storybook with all Daily components, soon on NPM as well. https://storybook.dailynow.co
  2. No more paywall content! We believe that content should be free for all so any new paid blog post will be ignored and won’t get into our database. The mechanism is still not perfect as Medium make it hard to detect but we will work it out.
  3. Daily blog is migrating to DEV! We are looking for a platform which is aligned with our core values and DEV seems like a great fit. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we will stop posting on Medium as we have an audience there but everything will be written on DEV and than cross posted instead of the other way around. (This post is already written this way). Hopefully our audience will migrate as well as part of the process :)



Co-Founder, CTO at daily.dev

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