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Ever sent a business proposal thinking your sale was a done deal, only to be bombarded by questions from your client?

If your clients come back with more questions than they initially had before you submitted your business proposal, then it might be time for a rewrite! (Or at least a thorough edit.)

Lucky for you, your friendly neighbourhood tech writer is here to help you out-below are a few reasons why your business proposal isn’t doing its job, and what to do about it!

You Don’t Have an Executive Summary (or Your Executive Summary Sucks)

The whole purpose of an executive summary is to get your client to read your…

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I know this may sound strange coming from a professional writer, but there are certainly times when I just don’t feel like writing. Maybe the words aren’t coming out as easily as they usually do, or the topic is a bit boring. Or maybe I just simply don’t feel like it.

Regardless of the reason, writing can be a challenging task. So, what do you do when you absolutely hate writing, but you have to write? Over the years, I’ve successfully used these 7 writing techniques whenever I felt a bit “meh” about churning out a bunch of words but…

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“What is tech writing anyway? What do tech writers actually do?”

I get these two questions a lot.

Usually, I’ll wring my hands and say something dismissive like: “Oh, we just write super boring stuff, like user guides,” and just leave it at that.

And it’s not that I dislike talking about my job, or that people aren’t interested to hear more about technical writing. In fact, most people are very curious to know more about this mystical profession. …

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Creating an image of Steve Jobs shovelling snow is beyond my Photoshop abilities, so here’s an Unsplash photo of some guy shovelling a driveway.

Sometime in March, in the midst of a full-fledged marathon of self-loathing, I resubscribed to Netflix.

Resubscribing to Netflix was like the time I drunkenly bummed a cigarette off someone “just to take a puff” after two smoke-free years.

As I clicked the sign-up button, I told myself I’d only use Netflix for “emergencies”.

(Which is so funny because that’s what I told myself when I signed up for my first credit card.)

The same evening I resubscribed to Netflix, my boyfriend and I delved into season one of Fargo.

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The following is a t r u e s t o r y and not an advertisement for all these services, I promise. (Although, if anyone from the HelloFresh marketing team ends up reading this, HIT ME UP! Will advertise for free food or coupons.)

Last night, I was chopping vegetables from my vegetarian HelloFresh box while listening to a Spotify playlist. My hands were wet and sticky — whenever a song I wanted to skip came on, I yelled “Hey Google! Next!” and the Google Home skipped the current song and moved onto the next one. …

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Five years ago, I gave up meat completely.

Giving up smoking was hard, but I did that, too.

I’m in the process of successfully giving up Tim Tams (hard) and the occasional alcoholic beverage (a little harder).

I work out and meditate every day.

I drink lots of water.

But I cannot give up coffee.

Listen, I tried.

Some days I can go without it — I’ll feel too dehydrated and I’ll skip it.

If I ignore the crippling headache long enough, my body settles into a sort of uncomfortable acceptance.

The next day, my body makes it very clear…

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lowercase poet.

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