One more question, Isabel — how do we join you? How we gonna do this?
Tom Mandel

I’m so glad you asked! Please come to Creative Tech Week 2016. Educate yourself about what happens when art and design meet software and electronics. If you can’t make it, start learning about our Experts and Partners. Maybe you can hire them, commission their work, bring them into your school system, adopt their philosophies, or invite them to speak at an event you’re organizing. We exist to promote them.

If you know creative technologists — commercial, artistic, entrepreneurial, working at educational or community organizations — who should participate in CTW 2017, send them our way — email to info at And a huge part of this is financial. We can start funding artists if we get enough income over and above what it costs us to run the convention.

If anyone here has more ideas, please feel free to add them! Get active in your schools? Write your schools chancellor? Learn to code and then teach teachers how to code, make grants to schools for teachers and equipment, help schools understand how to make computing part of the arts curriculum, enable the teachers.

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