My Bootcamp Experience So Far

My experience has been really amazing. I mean aside from the refreshment we have, I have had a great opportunity to learn from, grow and collaborate with my fellow campers, the numerous BFAs and the Andela fellows.

Before the Self Learning Clinic day, the pre-bootcamp task really helped me grow as a front-end designer, and when the bootcamp began in earnest, I have also learnt a ton of things from my fellow campers the BFs and BFAs.

Although the Andela bootcamp is tough and I guess it’s meant to be as tough as it because without you getting your hand dirty building applications and breaking one or two things, your growth speed will never be as rapid and fast as it should be, in my opinion.
The support the Bootcamp BFAs give is also awesome. I remember my BFA taking his time to break down how to use proper git workflow, how to make proper git commits with the convention/template on the git commit messages, he also went on to teach us how to draft your messages when you make a Pull Request. These were things I never knew before, and I was glad to know them because now I can internalise and make use of proper git workflow in my next project.

This bootcamp has taught so much in just 4 days since it began, and the support I have been getting from my team mates and other fellow campers has been great.
And before I forget, the food is awesome, and I as a food lover, I must confess that I am in love.

Given, the Andela bootcamp is a serious business, but I seemed to have found a way to create and build relationships with others while learning and growing in programming and soft skills.