My Experience so far at the Bootcamp

Today is the last day of the Home Study phase of the Andela Bootcamp for Cycle 19 Nigeria.
I have had a terrific experience so far, notwithstanding all the challenges I faced in order to ensure that I complete my daily tasks on time and correctly.
Today’s post will not be a winded one since I will only be repeating myself all over again about my experience so far, but I will let you know some of the things I have learnt while in the bootcamp.

The Andela bootcamp is the first ever bootcamp I have ever been to, and even though I did not fully know what to expect I was still excited to see what the future held.

The things I learnt are the following:

  1. I learnt a lot about prioritite
    Don’t get me wrong, I knew what priorities were even before I decided to apply for the Andela Fellowship, however, the pressure of the tasks coupled with the challenges I faced along the way, I was retaught what priorities were and how to manage them.
  2. I learnt a lot about planning and how to execute plans, especially in instances where one plan fails.
  3. I learnt a ton from all the JavaScripting that happened.
  4. I learnt to be really patient.
  5. And I learnt once again what it means never to give up even if things are going really really bad.
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