I am new to Medium and I am lost.

I have just started writing and I wanted to share my stories with people. But I didn’t know where to start. I found Medium and I published my first post. Oops! No views? No likes? No comments either?

What did I do wrong? I had a great title. I had a compelling image too. In fact, I wrote quite eloquently. Then why?

Wait. Did I write for myself or for my audience? Was I even taking to them? In the whole article is there any point where I created value for them?

I could write forever like this but would I be able to get any person like my writing? Would I be able to connect with them?

Most of us write online but forget that we need to connect with the audience. You will get views if you connect with people’s sentiments.

Remember, an article has to be a homogenous mixture of facts and emotions. You need people to connect with your audience. Do it.

It is not the quantity that matters, it is the consistency.

If you do like my articles please show a little love (❤️️). I want to publish more and that appreciation will surely help. Thank you for reading.