J.K. Rowling VS Avengers — Teachings and Legacy

The two franchise in today’s world that I admire and that almost every single person is a fan of — The Magical creatures by J.K. Rowling and the Supernatural Gods by Avengers. These series although unreal create an awe in the audience again and again with a new trailer followed by a magnificent movie. The plot so obvious is yet so amazing and inspiring. I mean you know that the world will end and our heroes are going to save us yet you have that urge and curiosity to watch it.

Because it is a masterpiece.

What Marvels, DC, and WB have created is timeless. There can never be an end to this series or to the creativity of its stories written by the writers. You expect excellence from them and they deliver it to you. Nothing less, nothing more. They may be the only ones who will not disappoint you when having expectations from them. The storyline, characters, twists, mysteries, superheroes, new powers, etc. It never ends and it never will. This is a legacy which will be generating marvelous arts forever and ever.

One thing that these giant industry entertainers have understood is how to appeal to people’s innermost emotions and desires. They have that talent, skill, or whatever you want to call it, to dig deep down inside us and find what tickles us. Deadpool was a super hit movie and a sudden change from what Marvel normally used to manufacture. Critics have enjoyed it, as well as criticized it. Well, of course, you cannot make everyone happy and you have to experiment too. Action with Humor. Couldn’t get any sexier.

We are humans, and we have seen what we can do and what we are capable of. We have seen man’s hard work and the limits to which he can push. And so hard work doesn’t amaze us. We are bored by hard work, honesty, and sincerity. It is not what Superman does. He kicks it cool and effortlessly and so is worshiped as a God. We love supernatural. Tricks amaze us. Magic and fantasies. Superheroes and Dormammu. And that is what Marvel and Rowling understood to create something that is not daily and has everything we ever dream of.

There are two sides to it too. As I said people don’t care about the hard work you put it. It raises suspicions and doubts about your abilities. Why did you have to put extra work in it? Are you not smart? Do you not know your work completely? Are you having constant setbacks? If all these questions arise it will leave a bad mark on you and your reputation. So, one side being what the audience sees and the other what actually happens. You see buildings blowing up, superman in space, Tom Cruise hanging outside Burj Khalifa. And that is all that you see. Nothing else. Because we don’t care. We are only interested in the result. Nobody cares if you reached to success by working 18 hours a day. If you can’t produce the result you are as good as worthless or dead.

So obvious yet so mysterious. You see the trailer and you get the idea. You know Superman will fight Batman and then there will be a common enemy. Blah Blah. But you still pay for the movie. You still travel miles to go to the IMAX 3D theater to immensely enjoy the movie. And please don’t tell me there isn’t at least one moment in the whole movie that takes your breath away. That makes your heart beat so hard. What I am getting at here is the trust you have put in these directors and the movie crew that even though the plot is obvious you watch it because you know it will be all worth it. Every single cent. Take for example the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars. It is evident that Thanos will be the super villain in this part and that he is the God among all the super-villains. Almost 6o characters are featured in this movie. And it will be EPIC.

Better than before. There is a culture among these movies of creating the best after the best. They believe in their work. Every cast member, the camera crew, the stunt men. Even though we don’t see all the effort put in, we see it in the movie. An amazing team of talented people creating a masterpiece every single time. Better dialogues, better actors, better props, better action, better you-never-saw-this-thing-before kind of things. The storyline is a cliche with the same end to save the planet earth or the galaxy. But don’t we all love magic?

It would not be bad to compare some of these characteristics to real life:

  • Make your work creative and timeless. It should apply to any era and preferably to any age group.
  • Ethos, Pathos, Logos. (In order) Ever heard about these? Ethos and Pathos are the credibilities of your work and emotions of your audience. In the end comes Logos (logic), which turns out isn’t as necessary as you may think. Address to people’s emotions and desires.
  • Don’t reveal your hard work. It raises questions and doubts about your abilities and skills. But concealing it always may not be a good idea too. Like Pontormo who hid from the world finally drawing himself crazy.
  • Your art is your weapon. Don’t let anyone get to your tricks and methods. Seem too obvious yet be mysterious with your acts. The great escape artist Houdini never revealed any of his tricks and every time his shows were better than the last one.
  • Be grand in your theatrics. It shifts the attention of the audience from the skepticism and questions to amazement and they want to see more. There will be haters and negative criticism and be ready for them.

There are some principles that will stay and serve their purpose for a very long time. They have been applied from old times and are more valuable than gold and diamond treasures. Remember: Time runs. It won’t wait. Hustle today. Knowledge without action is worthless.

Thank you for reading guys. Happy Life. :)

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