This is how I remember what I forget.

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Ever happened that an awesome idea struck you at an odd place?

A place where you cannot jot it down or can’t tell anybody?

Then having the frustration of forgetting the idea by the time you reach your journal?

Sure as hell has happened to me. I have struggled with the same problem and I certainly am. But not all the time. You see I have a method, a simple method, which all of you probably have heard of.

I create a picture of the idea.

Unique or common picture? That depends on the idea I am having. Either create a static picture or make a complete story if it helps you.

Let us take an example:

I pray. Once, while praying I got an idea for my article. But I had to wait till I finished the prayer to write down that idea in my journal. ‘From my past experiences’ I knew that if I take too long I will definitely forget the idea and would be regretting for the day.

The idea was about the influencers lifestyle before they were famous. Habits on spending money. I took a scene from an old Bollywood comedy hit and set that as my trigger. As soon as I was finished with my prayer I get up and I am already lost. I forgot that I even had an idea let alone the trigger. But suddenly it hits me that an idea is about to be an article. And believe me I first remembered the trigger and then the idea. But I figured it out.

This technique that I use to remember information is for the times when I am forced to preserve it in my head until it becomes reality. Otherwise, I use the traditional methods of using a journal (mentioned in above story) or Evernote.

Here is another beautiful example:

We are humans and we love amazing and inspiring stories. We remember stories better than anything. It’s because we can relate to them. They motivate us. They touch our inner emotional conscience. And as simple as that, we remember pictures better than the words themselves.

If you are too lazy to see the video, or have a slow internet connection let us take an example then. Shall we?

Words: car, bucket, book, ostrich, newspaper, headphones, elephant, piano, tree, pizza.

How many can you recollect? (Btw, the words are random)

Let’s create a picture: You are driving in a car with two of your friends. One reading a book and the other is wearing headphones. You are going to buy a piano, when out of nowhere an ostrich appears in front of your car with a bucket on its head. You stop the car and get out. A tree has been uprooted by an angry elephant who is now after you. In panic you run towards a pizza shop and take shelter there. Next day, remember to read about this in the newspaper.

It may look or sound weird to you or anyone. It is not supposed to make sense anyway. It’s for you. So you remember what is important to you. It’s not a bedtime story for the children or a business trick for company managers. After it has served its purpose delete it from your memory. You will create another one, as easy as ABCD.

Remember to remember what will help you to remember, which you would forget otherwise.

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