“You don’t understand. She has a different perception.”

What is yours? Champions or Losers?


I am a senior in my University. I am pursuing Bachelors in Software Engineering here at SRM University. I don’t have a lot of friends. But the ones I do they are very valuable and special to me. Like one of my friend, also Syed, came to my room one of the days in the past and when he entered my room I asked him to close the latch. Now, in my room there are two latches, one in the middle and the other on the top.

What he did is that he closed the upper latch. Now, I am a deep thinker and it got me thinking. Why in the world would he close the upper latch if the middle one is easily accessible and under his reach. Then it struck me. I have been to my friend’s room and at his room he only has the upper latch and not the middle one. So, he had the habit to think and close the latch like he did in his room. And he almost did it involuntary because he was already used to it.

It was his perception. It was his way.

And that is my point today. He thinks with his own perception. He has his own way of doing things, of thinking, of making right decisions. And forcing my decisions on him wouldn’t be fair to him or me either. I mean, maybe because of his perception maybe he creates or shares something great and amazing with me or the world that may change lives. Okay, maybe not lives but at least a life. And saving a life is like saving the humanity.

Rich VS Poor Perception

Rich perception asks to make money work for you.

Poor perception asks to work for the money.

I think you get me. I am making a point here on the different perceptions of rich and poor people.

Disclaimer: I don’t judge or discriminate anyone or anybody in any way.

The rich think in terms of investments. The poor think in terms of savings.

The rich believe the house is a liability. The poor believe the house is an investment.

The rich spend money on creating assets. The poor spend money on liabilities thinking they are spending on assets.

The rich believe in having a talent and getting the most out of it. The poor believe in getting a good education and working a 9–5.

The rich spend money on their needs first and then the bills. The poor spend the money on bills first and themselves.

The rich are always looking for opportunities. The poor are always looking for jobs.

I can go on and on and on… And even you guys know a lot more differences.

Champion VS Loser Perception

This is yet another paradigm to focus on. What we think and what we believe in makes our character and how we treat our relationships. You cannot go very far deceiving everybody with the personality ethic and when they see through your duplicity then you won’t be able to justify yourself with anything.

The champions think positive. The losers think always negative.

The champions are always focused on the solutions. The losers waste their time by focusing on problems.

The champions have an abundance mindset i.e. there is always more out there for all of us. The losers have a scarcity mindset.

The champions live and work in harmony. The losers make everything a competition.

The champions are emotionally intelligent people. The losers are emotionally exploited people.

The champions love unconditionally. The losers always have conditions and that is why they fail in relationships, and life too.

The champions always keep smiling. The losers always steal smiles.

Be a champion. Don’t make everything a competition. Be positive. Keep smiling. Be happy. Always. 😄

Some Great people said some Great things

“I don’t respect my weaknesses. I don’t dwell on my weaknesses. I don’t acknowledge my weaknesses. Why? Because everybody else is doing that for you. To win you have to be your greatest fan. People that win, respect their strengths more.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

The mind is the strongest muscle in your body. If you aren’t growing it your are losing your power” — Lewis Howes

“Only two groups listen to your complaining:
A) The one’s who have to — Mom, Dad, etc.
B) Your other loser friends.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” — Albert Einstein

“If you do what everyone else is doing, you shouldn’t be surprised to get the results everyone else is getting.” — Unknown

Bringing it all together…

  • Your mind is your only way to success.
  • Change the way you think and see miracles happen.
  • Be positive no matter what. See good in all things. You will attract people towards your positivity and inspire them.
  • Read my posts. They are awesome.
  • One thing I like about my life is that I don’t wanna be at the mercy of anybody. I love that everybody can leave and I feel okay. — Gary Vaynerchuk
  • And, Smile. 😄

Thank You for reading my words. I know you loved them. Happy Life. Keep smiling. It’s contagious. 😄

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