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Mr. Roetter,

I really, really hope that Twitter does try to increase diversity in technology. It’s disheartening to read articles like the one Mr. Leslie wrote. I’m a self-taught front-end developer trying to break into the tech field and the fact that I may not have gone to an Ivy League school or because I don’t have strong internships (I did just not for tech), is frankly, frustrating. Honestly, the economy is still pretty bad and for there to be other barriers to why you may not consider me (for example) a good candidate is stressful and discouraging. Simply put, you’re missing out on some awesome talent and I’m missing out on an opportunity to learn. A lot of minorities take unconventional methods to learn how to code and I’m included in that group. Take a look at the students from Thinkful, The Flatiron School or Start Up Institute. We’re here hoping that someone will just let us walk through your doors to show you that we can write clean code, debug as fast as Supergirl, and design. Sometimes, risk is the solution.

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