My journey into App Store Optimization (ASO) — Beginning

It was surprising to see Moritz Daan following me here, even though I did not written a single story.It was quite rare thing for me so I did not want to disappoint my first follower whose I am fan of by not providing any value for being follower.So the thought of this article series come to my mind which can I hope will give some kind of value in return and I will not feel guilty ;)

Coming to topic,

I have been researching over ASO on and off for quite some time.I will elaborate what I am learning from this ongoing research.

This are few things every developer will come in contact with whenever he start his journey in this field.

  1. App title : Have keyword in app title is important.Most preferable make your app name two way like “Unique Name-Introduce What It DOes with keyword”(Notice the hyphen (-) in it).
  2. Developer Name : Having keyword in developer name matters. Although I think google play and app store algorithms will involve in such way that generic keywords will not have any effect
  3. Description : This is the meat in google play store. You got to have well written description with keywords in it. One study which did studied over 500 games appeared in Top Charts of Google Play suggested that having keyword in first 167 characters will help your ranking for that keyword Same study also suggested that having lengthy descriptions will have no effect and having 250–500 words is good enough.
  4. ScreenShots : Some of tips for screenshot,
    A.Always fill all screenshots in app store.
    B.Put your most valuable screenshot first.
    C.Show atleast one gameplay/in app view.
    D.No more than couple of words (mainly in center)
    With the pace at which google is going with evolving their algorithm it will not be long when they will start to encrypt words inside Screenshots to use it for keywords,ranking and visibility purpose.
  5. Icon : This is the first thing user notices about your app.It can break or hit your app.Always make it unique and compelling.Study top ranking apps and see their Icons.
  6. Video : Both Play store and App store gives you ability to showcase your app/game in person to user via video.DO not forgot to make beautiful,engaging and super exciting video of your app.Ask your self, “After watching video will I download this app?” If your answer is Yes then go ahead.But be true to yourself.
  7. Reviews : Your app reviews matter in how your app rank in store listing.SO make sure you gain lot of positive reviews to your app by encouraging your users to rate your app. Apple is coming up with built in feature for apps where they can take reviews in-app and it will be irectly posted to their app page.
  8. Keywords : This field is available in apple store only which you can make to stuff in keywords your users may type in search box for finding your app.I believe this field will soon be removed as apple will come up with new algorithm which will use keywords from descriptions to rank apps for.Though hey its still relevant now.Do use it!!

This is all you will learn when start researching over App Store Optimization. Make no mistake there is hell lot more in ASO than just this points yet as Gabriel Machuret said in his Book “ASO Bible” this will do T.R.I.C.K.S (Title,Reviews,Icon,Customer,Keywords,Screenshots) for you. :)

Let me know your review in comments.Please do share to at least one person.