Opencode-Experience and learn

An Open Source Event : A Mini GSOC

Opecode is a platform where you can contribute to the projects of your interest…….

The more you contribute,the greater you experience and the better you learn.

Ya its true that learning github, getting complex parts of a project is quite tough , but there are the people who help you.

It is true that the beginners hesitate to participate,but with the team of mentors who are ready to help 24*7 gets the hesitation off and puts in a lot of boost …

The Mentors.

As to promote the beginners prizes would be given to the winners.

Prizes (Cash prizes as well as Goodies) will be awarded in the following categories:

  1. Grand prize winner (selected from the TOP 5 by the organizers) : Cash prize worth 2.5k, T-shirt and Certficates.
  2. Top 5 Participants based on points: T Shirts, Certificates and a cash prize worth Rs. 500/-
  3. Participant with most points : T-shirt, Certficates and cash prize of 1k
  4. Every participant will be awarded a digital participation certificate.
  5. Top 5 will get direct admission to Hack In the North
  6. Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 300/- will be presented to one lucky participant who puts the OpenCode poster as his facebook or tweets during the event.

Only for IIITA students: Foss selection for next year will be from this event. A minimum of 50 points is required to apply.

Yeah it was a great experience contributing in opencodecollab and many more projects with the awesome support of some awesome mentors

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