Strange ordeal…….

On a very cold Tuesday night,Bee waited for her friend in her dormitory to bring the food she promised and while she awaited her arrival,sleep overtook her.What jolted her back from dreamland was the sudden coldness she felt on her thighs,her hands searched for her covers however something stopped her,she noticed that her house-wear was torn,not the kind of unintentional tear you get from sleeping on a piece of sharp object,this was different,this was intentional. Someone had deliberately used a pair of scissors on her,if that was the only item of clothing that suffered it would have been somewhat overlooked,but no,her panties was also sliced.

She panicked and panicked some more,what could possibly have happened was all she could keep thinking. She prayed for morning to come but alas!the night crawled slowly. Sleep wouldn't find her,she was scared,she wouldn't even move so as not to call attention to the scissors man or woman but then only a man could have done this she mused.

All manners of images conjured in her head. She wondered how it happened,who the brazen culprit was,how could she have slept through this ordeal. She felt violated and wondered if the scissors man did more to her or it was only her clothing that suffered. She waited for morning to come so she could find answers,but when morning finally came,she realized she wasn't the only victim of the scissors man.

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