The 5 best MacBook accessories to buy

Your MacBook’s performance is helped with these 5 accessories — buy them today.

Using a MacBook is par for the course for those who value superb performance and the latest software above all other considerations. As the proud owner of a MacBook, you are beholden to support the machine’s performance with the right accessories. There are MacBook accessories galore and all of them are designed to improve the look, performance and shelf life of the MacBook.

So how do you choose the best ones? Here’s our list of must-have MacBook accessories:

1 Laptop sleeve.

Keep your MacBook free of scratches, dust and dirt. Some sleeves come with felt outers, which are largely water resistant and which impart a premium feel to the product. Choose a sober colour like charcoal grey, bone green or black if you’re taking the MacBook to work. Some sleeves also come with little pockets on the inside to keep your charger cord, headphones and even your mobile phone.

2 Wireless headphones.

Most people who use MacBooks create music, edit movies, make impressive presentations using a combination of film and text software, and basically indulge in a bit of creativity. What gets your creative juices flowing? Your favourite music playing as you work, that’s what. But lugging around headphones with wires dangling is so 2016 — true style is about having sturdy wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. Look for headphones that come with MacBook pairing and Apple’s W1 chip.

3 Portable data hub.

You need to plug in a lot of things if you are one of those MacBook users with heavy emphasis on USB usage. One of the most important MacBook accessories for users like yourself, is a sleek data hub that features at least two USB ports, a USB charging connector, and HDMI input spot. While we’re on the subject, do get also the USB-C to USB Apple adapter to connect older USB-A accessories to your latest MacBook.

4 Portable universal battery.

Sure, your MacBook gives you hours of usage on a single charge. But when you’re travelling or far away from a charging station, you need to add more juice to your machine to keep it working. Buy a universal battery pack to charge your MacBook with a power of at least 19,000mAh — that’s about 14 hours of additional battery life.

5 Screen cleaner and USB-plugged cleaning brush.

Your Retina-backed display screen must be clear and free of smudges and spots to deliver peak colours every time. Keep the screen clean with an odourless screen cleaner liquid and antibacterial microfiber cloth to wipe the screen without causing scratches. Also invest in a USB cleaning brush with vacuum power to pull out dust from crevices.