Before looking for a job, have a look in the mirror!

We all or will at times go through difficult times, we doubt ourselves — “Will I ever succeed? Am I good enough? Why does it look like a never-ending quest? Why should I put so much effort in this? It is bound to fail, I will fail so what is the point of all this?”Before getting into the answers of those questions, take time to dive into yourself, your beliefs, values, motivations. Find a way to channel your frustrations and anxiety by any means (mediation, writing, sports, cooking etc.). Get to know yourself, dare to see yourself fully as a person. It is not easy but how could you expect something from others, from the world if you do not dare looking at yourself in the mirror and love yourself for who you are. Like solving an issue, we better have to cure the root cause at first and not the symptoms. It all starts with you, not the others or external factors but YOU and nothing else.

Those blank spaces in your career journey, dark times, and unemployment gaps are hard to handle, sometimes delicate to justify to the potential employers. Whether you like it or not it is part of your life and experience so why hiding it. Those bad times allow you to get back on track so see them as an opportunity to start over and better. Moreover nowadays we have the chance to have tools and medium to get noticed, to contact people and network, search for jobs and get well informed about what we are looking for. Use them strategically; give no more excuses to yourself! If you want something more than anything dedicate your soul to it so when you look back you will have no regrets and above all — you will be proud of you and say “I made it!”. No more “what if” in your vocabulary, give it a try and move on.

Nobody is too late or too early in life, don’t compare yourself to others even though we tend to and society makes us to. Focus on yourself, your potential and listen to your inner voice — the latter is the most important so that you are consistent with yourself and in your life choices. Don’t be ashamed of your challenges and failures, it is part of everyone’s life — they shape us. We tend to put forward success to shine and reassure employers but being honest with them about your path and gaps could be even more rewarding. It takes courage, it takes guts but everyone could do it as long as you have genuine motivation deep inside. Adopt a growth mindset, do not fear risks and the unknown this is part of life. If you don’t accept this step of your life, you won’t be able to grow and be happy later on. Be honest with yourself, be honest with the other and the world.

Experience challenges and success as much as you can. Accept that nothing is always perfect and easy. As long as you keep having this down-to-earth mindset nothing could stop you! As the saying goes “Life is the most difficult exam: many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.”Your own success takes times, give all your energy wisely and stay focused.

Don’t forget is all about YOU, YOU and YOU!!

Have a great day


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