Hello, Ticketmaster

Last week was my first day back at Ticketmaster.

Yes, that’s right. This will be my second tour of duty at the company after an 8-year hiatus. Today, Ticketmaster is a completely different company from the one I remember; The one I left. Today, it’s a company I’m super stoked to be a part of (thus taking no time off after leaving Edmunds!)

Over the past eight years, Ticketmaster has gone through many changes. The merger with Live Nation being the most significant. The company has also seen an infusion of inspiring leadership and talent, many acquisitions, and an evolving culture rooted in curiosity and action.

In my welcome kit, for example, I received a letter from Michael Rapino, our CEO, that read in part:

“I want you to add value to every project and every meeting that you are part of. Speak up. Make suggestions. Collaborate. Be an important part of this team.”
Michael Rapino.

I think this is a powerful call to action, especially coming from the CEO of the company. This was also echoed in the letter I received from Jared Smith, our President, communicating the Ticketmaster Values:

As you begin your journey with us, you should know that there a few things we value above all others and these beliefs dictate how we interact with each other and with our customers. They are:

1. Embrace change and new ideas

We accept the risks associated with change because we believe we can learn and improve, even when we fail.

2. Help others succeed

We believe the success of the team has a broader and more lasting impact than individual achievement.

3. Do what you say you are going to do

We require reliability and trust because our clients, fans, and teammates count on us every day.

4. Simpler is better

We strive for ease of use, even when that’s not easy, because our job is to make things simpler and more intuitive for our clients and fans.

5. Be transparent

We think open communication provides the best environment for real feedback, which keeps us aligned and helps us continually improve.

6. Take ownership and act

We believe everyone can lead and we seek those who have a bias for action versus a desire for directives.

Also in my welcome kit, I received a Visa gift card. All new hires do. Jared Smith and Jody Mulkey, the President and CTO respectively, ask all new hires to use the money to buy tickets on the platform and report back on their experience with honest feedback so that we can improve the product for all fans.

How awesome is that? I think this is a practice all companies should implement.

So that, in addition to the rapid changes in the company’s tech, design, product, brand positioning, and the grand vision and scale of impact of everything we do, makes Ticketmaster an incredibly exciting and inspiring place to work at right now.

My role is to drive that rapid change by building and communicating our global innovation pipeline starting with the open API and platform capabilities. I’ve done it at Edmunds.com, so I know how exciting and challenging it is to take on such an undertaking, especially at a scale like Ticketmaster’s.

I spent my first few days so far learning as much as I can about the company, its tech, products, various capabilities and challenges. I already have some ideas on how to address some of those challenges and improve on some of the existing capabilities. I’ll be writing about that on the tech blog.

Here’s to new challenges and new opportunities. One API at a time.

I’m excited 😊

Update: It’s been a full week now that I’m back. Couldn’t be happier. You too can be part of the team. Check it out