02_Orange You Glad #WeeklyCampaign

#CirclesnDots is the second installment of #WeeklyCampaign. A series of hand-made job applications directed to a Creative Director, Producer, or HR Personnel on a bi-weekly basis. It’s the story of my job hunt as it’s happening.

I post the makings of and results of each campaign right here on Medium.

So, let’s get started with #CirclesnDots.

#CirclesnDots was directed to Tammy Duncan, the owner and creative director of Orange You Glad, a design studio in Brooklyn, NY. I immediately felt a connection because I grew up in Brooklyn. When I was a little girl, I’d see a bright orange grate whenever I took the train into Manhattan. That colorful grate belongs to Orange You Glad. I was impressed by the fact that Orange You Glad survived for 14 years in one of the most competitive markets.

Email: Orange You Glad is moderately active on social media. I knew that I needed to take advantage of one good email in order to grab Tammy’s attention.

Snail Mail: Each #WeeklyCampaign is snail mailed because hand-written letters are sweet and nostalgic.

Twitter: I post teaser gifs of each #WeeklyCampaign on twitter (@iemiwashere).

A page from my brainstorming session.

I had around 2.5 weeks. I spent the first four days brainstorming. During this process, I don’t care about making something good. I’m also very social because if I stay by myself, I can’t turn my work brain off. Chit chat over drinks fix this issue. Within a week, I came up with the idea of an orange circle, change, and the NYC subway.

I spent the rest of my time creating and sending out the work.

I started off with this gif:

Then I mailed this greeting card:

I decided to follow up by sending an e-mail letting Tammy know that another treat will be coming in the mail.

I sent a set of pre-paid postcards. This way, she’ll be able to send handwritten messages to her loved ones!

The postcard set.

I didn’t get the job but I have a new contact. Through email, I was able to break the ice and initiate a brief and very friendly email exchange with Tammy.

I know that success in any creative industry lies in the relationships you create as you build a career. #WeeklyCampaign is introducing my work to new people. I’m excited for these new relationships!

CLICK HERE to start #WeeklyCampaign from the beginning. All pieces are less than 5 minute reads.