Silence !!

Yes !! It is solitude. 
Silence gives me strength, saves lots of energy and makes me do what I never thought I am capable of.

It is a powerful weapon to show and tell what words cant & makes me realise what I am plus doubles my creativity. People take it otherwise as it changes my body language and I radiate all what I feel for them.

One can create wonders by being silent as it disconnects one from outer world n connect you to your own soul, making you have a direct contact with the almighty. No words are required; your aura is so powerful in solitude that it attracts all that is needed n repells the unwanted. Silence makes you a pure hearted being which can improve all lives associated with you .It should not be confused with the angry look as it is just the opposite, does exactly the reverse.

So , when I am in my silence mode dont get confused as I m recharging, getting ready to face all the challenges life has to throw on me. It only improves my personality and polishes my attitude.

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