Modesty: the underrated supremacy

“Anything is possible, if you are willing to pay the price.”

Have you heard that saying before? It is sort of the idea that if you give it all you got, you will make it happen. Or, if you put 110% in it, there is no way you will fail! The modern culture of “braging”, and “being over the top is uniqness”, and anything that is shocking to people and opposite of the normal behvior is creativity, originality and honesty, has been redefining what success is. Being eccentric geek, with less than optimal social skills, but tons of programming knolwedge, is “smart”. Obsession with perfection is “neat”.

Many “genius” comedians had or have miserable and sad lives. Plenty of “ahead of their time” artist, lived in poverty and dismay. This is why I have a simple theory: true happiness, which is achieved through a balanced life, requires modesty in everything we do. You have only one 100%, and you can’t dedicate 110% of it to one thing! The math won’t work. And if you give one aspect of your life the largest slice, then all you got for the rest are bits and crumbles.

The pop culture we are living with, and the 24/7 media, embrace only extremism. This is not healthy. This is why depression and mental issues are on the rise. This is why communities face selfishness and division.

In the business world for example, high efficiency could mean lost jobs, or more production in less hours, or more hours with few people. High returns and high profitability means less people, less overhead; Great for the business, but not compatible with the existence of humans. People all the time serenade for the good old days… why is that?! Because as we progress we lose modesty and embrace extremism.

Sooner or later we will realize that the way we have lived since the late 90s, are not sustainable any longer. Thankfully the melinuens realize that, and they are starting, in a small way, their revolution against the rotten standards of modern success.

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