TECHNOLOGY: The end of humans as we know them!

I still remember when I was a kid watching TV, I had to actually walk to the TV to adjust the volume! It sounds like the stone age hearing this now in 2016! Here is another shocker: I used to read! Yup,I did. And to make things even stranger, it was actual paper book, with pages to turn, and a need to for light source to shine on the page, not a back lit screen like now. I used to play board games with friends. That required (I know, so backward) all of us to be present at the same place, and touch things and move them in order to play.

Technology might seem to be serving the humanity, and progressing it however, as with anything else, too much of anything, is not a good thing. Technology is taking away the need to move, to physically act and interact.

Our kids don’t have to interact or look outside the car window anymore while they are riding the car. They are completely consumed by a monitor that is simulating them, or in my humble opinion, brain washing them.

Most valuable items are virtual, physically non existent: a game on a screen, a photo on a drive, a book on a tablet, greeting on a facebook, or a social interaction without the social part on Instagram or Snapchat. I guess we won’t be leaving any wonders to our grand grand children to visit, so enjoy the Pyramids while they last.

Even wars are changing. The soldier used to have to be on the ground, and at many times, stand in front of his enemy face to face, before a bullet comes out, ending one’s life. That made men think twice before going into wars. Now, you can have a sip of a Coca Cola, in an air conditioned room, controlling a plane that is about to kill another soul, hundred of thousands of miles away, in a country he might never visit. It is a lot like paying Call of Duty, but with real casualties.

The value of a portable device application reach millions, the inventors of social media are billionaires. Very high real monetary values for virtual items.

Humanity on its way to create an illusion of existence rather than creating actually something physical. We all, will be living in the cloud soon. I don’t mean the cloud in the sky, from where the Gods are watching, but rather the one you pay monthly subscription for.