The presidential candidate delimma!

No matter what candidate you like, vote for, or the political party he or she belongs to, there is a major issue none of them want to address, mainly because the truth hurts, and we belive in fairy tales and economical salvation that will not happen. The blue collar workers, and middle class middle America, are upset because factories are closing, and business are going abroad. Our political bubble heads yell: “we will bring the jobs back” which is complete non sense and empty promises. Here is the simple truth: We, as Americans, are only willing to pay up to $X for products and services. $X is unrealistic price and is only achievable thru: a) illegal immigrants or b)imports from another country. The minimum wage in the US will not allow certain products to be competitive, and increasing taxes on foreign products will still result in expensive local and imported product. Also the fact remain that a fraction of our income is considered plenty in other countries and they are happy to work for this fraction.

So what is the solution? Should American, which much pride, start paying higher prices above what is considered acceptable, and change our way of life? Should stop shopping as a hobby and venting activity, and do it as nessecity ever blue moon? This too much of a social restructure and we don’t have an appetite for it.

The only practical solution is really to compete where we excel, and tell middle class America the truth: some of you will need to learn a new skill in a different field. Also, we need to stop exporting our successful iconic money making services and products to other places: Disney should have been only in the US. Tourists will continue to flock to us for a happy experience! Instead, we sent Disney to Europe, Tokoyo, and China. We were good at making cars, but we sent plants to Europe to manufacture Ford and GM. We should have kept them local and exported I instead. The iPhone is a Californian invention. We should have made it 100% locally and made the global fans pay for it and benefit our workers. Instead, we sent it to China for assembly.

However, business decisions were made with narrow, only profit, approach instead of long term, Made in America brand that the world would pay premium for, and our citizens gain from it.