Who created the “Trump” phenomena!?

Dear American citizen who is concerned with the rise of the loud, abnoxtious, valgar, and overall angry and orange Donald Trump; I would like to tell you who is responsible for the horriffic delima of choosing between two terrible candidates for 2017 : The freaking American Media!

There were other candidates that are much more credible, but the media votes with screen time, and few hand selected polls that might support their pick. They gave Trump plenty of screen time because he is entertaining and can increase viewers. Those viewers in turn are under the spell of the media. It is one of those situations that you wonder is it the egg first or the chicken!

But once the fellow republicans realized that Trump is a threat because the media says so, and in turn the people think so, they soiled their pants first, then second, picked up the phone, called their republican buddy who owns the TV and the media, and told him; ENOUGH, YOU GOT YOUR RATINGS, now let’s be reasonable and hunt Trump down. Let’s have this other fellow who survived, but really does not have a character that is appealing, or a charisma, go for it and win over Trump. It is going to be Democratic year anyway, so just let’s stop screwing this up!

Let’s face the music: the voter will never go collect information on his own about each candidate and what really they have done, capable of doing, and their potential as good president. We rather rely on YOUTUBE excerpts taken from CNN or FOX, consider this useful enough, mixed with some shared unknown Facebook gal or dude option, that also is based on some video and sound bites.

Dear citizen, congratulations ! We managed to be manipulated enough to make uninformed decisions that will result in Circus like results for the 2016 USA presidential campaign . The leader of the free world, and the superpower was elected as the better of two terrible options.