Every creative should sit their ass down and write

Eugene Art Seo
May 22, 2013 · 2 min read

You are a creative. You have an unending curiosity, a lust for learning. This is why your here on Medium. To absorb more content, to keep your thoughts flowing. The more great content you consume, the more creativity you exude. The more creativity produced, the easier it is to reproduce the cycle.

What makes any designer better over another? The one who has mastered communication. Communication is developing, discussing, and selling ideas. We trust in those who are well spoken and charismatic. Eloquent words delivered in confidence, which demand a presence.

The ability to execute only gets you half way there. The one who can build a great platform, interface, or illustration can get far. But, only so far. And at a much slower pace. The one who can sell shit will get just as far as you. The one who can both execute and sell is unstoppable. You want to be the one can do both.

Not only is it a part of your job to be a salesman, but you are also curious. You have a thirst. You are always looking to discover, to explore. Writing will expose you to new thoughts, topics, and people. It sparks conversations, debates, and forces you to dig deeper in that brain of yours. The quickest way to learn is to debate, whether with like minded individuals or even polar opposites. You will continue to develop opinions and defend ideas.

Keep in mind that you don’t just generate visuals. You are a generator of ideas. Writing helps express those ideas both to others and yourself.

    Eugene Art Seo

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