Just do it.

Let’s take a crack at those ambitions of yours

Bullshit. It’s not that simple.

You have wants, goals, and ambitions.They exist in your day to day, your career, and simply, your life. And they are not easy to tackle. Your ambitions seem so damn far reaching that they don’t even get the respect of an attempt from your lazy ass. Shit gets in the way. Life gets in the way. We like to dream, but not do.

There are those who can follow up on their word. They have their desires, they challenge them, and they push forward. The rest of us are a bit slower. That’s what differentiates success. Some sit back and recline the seat a few notches back. Others make shit happen.

Let’s break this down. Why can some people “do” and you can’t? They can because they luckily have an unrelenting, twisted sense of motivation and discipline. Alas, we are not all fortunate enough to be afflicated with such a mindset. Without this mindset, it won’t happen. You won’t suddenly “find some free time” or “be less busy.” You won’t luck into getting things done. You’re fucked.

You need that motivation. If its not coming from within, then there’s an alternate. Create the motivation externally.

It’s already clear that the reward of the action itself isn’t enough of a motivator for you. So place something on the line. Have a reinforcement and make it a negative one. As humans we hate to be hurt. We will do anything to avoid it. Have something at risk, in which if you don’t commit, you lose it.

Do what must be done to bring about action. Whether motivation manifests itself from positivity or negativity, it always has a better shot at producing happiness than no action at all.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” - Benjamin Disraeli

True happiness isn’t comfort. It isn’t waiting for you in a settled life. Happiness is in taking action and taking part in new experiences. Do what it takes to make yourself take action. Place those motivators, risks, and just do it.