Told by her and wrapped by him.

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You are always right! Or at least you claim that to be true, pretty much all the time. The good news for you is that most men are okay with that, but they do not really tell you what they know about the attraction game. Well, you are missing some parts that would make it a lot easier to get a man actually interested in your personality. Whatever the intentions behind that, women find themselves pushed into getting someone to like them. It happens that many women make the same mistakes when they want to make a man interested in…

And where should you use them?

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Alright, now we face the challenge of public health. Yes, masks might be the most effective way to prevent airborne Covid-19 infection. Not because the virus can not get through, but because the affected person won’t throw their breathed air into your nose directly. Technically, it is almost impossible to push their air strong enough to reach your face when they wear a face-mask.

How did I know that masks are effective? Well, I am saying that they can protect others. We all remember that most doctors said masks are not effective at the beginning, and now they changed their…

Most of the time one person is enough. Try to make them 9.

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It feels like you are like any ordinary person on this planet. Life comes to you in packages full of frozen feelings. It does not even warn you that your brain is fragile to receive those frozen feelings. These feelings hit you hit after another until you become socially and emotionally mature. The bad news is that they form you based on that. They come separated so you do not feel as fragile. Or they hit you hard in a very short time, it happens to the best of us. Don’t worry. …

Not everyone writes for money.

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If we assume money in its absolute value is a survival tool, then we can conclude that everyone wishes to make it doubled, tripled, or even more. It was not the main reason for writing for Medium, tho.

I did not want to draw early conclusions that we write only for money, because it turns out to be wrong. We actually don’t write only for money. Thus, if we exclude the money option from the survey’s outcomes, we will be left with other reasons why people share their articles on this website.

On average, there are more than 38% of…

Read this before you publish your next story.

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I guess I figured out how things work on Medium. And in this story, I want to share six technical lessons & advice hoping you find them useful.

When I joined Medium, I didn’t think of making money from writing for two reasons. (i) I cannot sit there for long hours to come up with brand new ideas, and (ii) those ideas must be accepted by my zero audience. Mathematically, it was like dividing zero by zero. So I was like, no thanks.

At first, I used this platform to share my experience with quitting smoking. Then I super liked…

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It is relatively costly for a person to invest in a change, this article explains why.

It is believed that the climate will get hotter in some places and colder in others, so the suitable term is actually “Climate Change”. The argument here is not about the change of the climate itself. Instead, my argument is about how humans perceive ‘Change’; and would choose a different term to describe the same phenomenon result in better human engagement? The discussion is also about the change during the lockdown of Covid-19.

Making a change, in general, is subconsciously associated with a period of unstable lifestyle:

Well, it is preferred to have a stable life over the instability associated with making that change. The reasons behind this aversion are various. One possible reason…

Her life while he’s gone.

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She: Are you coming home tonight?

Him: No, you know I can’t.

She: I know. I thought you’d change your mind, goodnight.

She desperately wants to see her father, but he’s gone. This girl always thinks she will die soon. She sees everything go against her will, thus she does not think of tomorrow at all. Since she lost her father, she felt alone and weak. She still sees him everywhere she goes. ِAnd every night, she asks him if he’s coming home.

Her relationship with her mom and brother became bad after she lost her dad. She barely answers…

Is it harder than a break-up? Never. The First 100 days

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Smoking is bad, we all get it. But what does it feel like when you stop smoking? Is it hard? like harder than a break-up?… No, it is not. In fact, quitting smoking is as hard as breaking up with someone we are attached to. Look, I literally mean attached to, not in love with. You will probably forget about them after some time, or once you find your true love.

My motive for quitting smoking is definitely different than yours. It’s a personal choice rather than a must to-do-thing. We start things or we quit them based on facts…

Four Easy Ways to Remember What You Read

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Do you recall how many times it happened that you were telling someone about something important you read on the internet but can’t remember the entire information? You go like: “So according to this article, there are three essential ways to lose weight, I cannot remember all of three of them… but, I… well… Anyway, you should definitely try the two methods I just told you about, and I’ll send you about the third one when I go home.”

Yeah, it happens to me, tons of times. Especially when I get engaged…

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You will read different explanations for what happened on March 2020. People went crazy for grocery shopping, and especially for toilet papers, and bam! Supermarkets still provide you with almost all you need. But, why we act that way during the Coronavirus outbreak? or even during happy events, like Black Friday. Here is the opinion of one of the best economists in the 20th century:

1- Economics Says it is Animal Spirit:

Like any other crisis that already passed, people will get their confidence back and start spending again on shopping for goods and services. However, until we reach that normal level of confidence, and during such…

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